Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, known also as SIDS, is a silent, horrific killer. Like a thief in the night, it abducts our innocent babies away from us. Our stories may be different, but we are all the essentially the same. We are all apart of a club that not a single one of us wanted to be in. We have so many questions, yet very little answers.  Losing a child changes who you are, down to your very core. We are here, but a part of us is somewhere else… and we have an obsessive longing to be in that somewhere else, but unfortunately, although it may not seem like it, life goes on.

I created this website as an outlet for me, Samantha Montanez, to blog about how I am feeling, dealing and living without my precious baby boy, Marcus Gordon Montanez.

Please reach out to me to share your story and vent. If you need shoulder to lean on and an understand ear to talk to, I am here. Support is very important, and honestly, the only way I have been able to keep on keeping on!

No longer in our arms, but forever in our hearts. Mommy ALWAYS misses you, son!