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High in the Sky, Letting Time Pass By

img_0317Oh, Mondays. The first day of the work week, usually. Today, hubby and I leave on a six day vacation to the always beautiful, Omaha, Nebraska. As I sit on our flight, I notice something strange. The adorable, **and surprisingly quiet**, little babies have yet to begin their cries. Maybe all of them are fast asleep, but I have yet to hear even a holler from one of the many infants on this flight.


Today was supposed to be my son’s first flight, first time out of state, and first official family vacation. I want to say I am sad, but I’m actually not. With the holidays almost here, there will be lots of babies… everywhere. I don’t want to say I’m getting used to him not being here, because I totally am not, but as I sit on this plane with my husband passed out next to me, I feel calm. I’m not sad that the couple two rows ahead have their baby here, yet I don’t. The jealous of other’s happy families has finally started to subside. Although I do not understand why God picked my perfect baby, I am constantly learning new things and adapting to new situations.


Recently, I have noticed myself giving more. To strangers, to friends, even family, I have been much more generous lately than I have been in a long time. Could be the holiday season, but I doubt that. I see Markie in others. I see his smile. I hear his laugh. As weird as this sound, a lot of young’uns remind me of him.


I may only be 22, and I may not know a lot, but I am really enjoying blogging. I am so humbled by the love and support I have been shown just starting out SIDS Sucks. I am very excited to see what the future holds for this idea I have.


If anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, opinions, critiques, whatever, please email me at or feel free to text, Facebook, or call me with anything you want me to write about/ look at/ talk about.


I love each of y’all so much and I am so grateful for the love and support from everyone. God is good, and remember, if no one has told you that they love you today, I LOVE YOU!


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